What to Think About When Planning Your Office Layout

There are various factors which need to be taken into account when planning your office layout. The design and arrangement of furniture plays an important aspect in business success and it is fundamental to ensuring a good first impression.

When a prospective client first walks into your office, what do they see? Do they see lots of cramped working stations that are dreary and dismal or do they see a vast open space that is bright and cheerful? Make sure you optimise the living space to get the most out of the space for your employees with these top tips.


This is a Chinese system of geomancy to help improve life by receiving positive. The ancient practice states that the arrangement of objects and orientation affects the flow of energy in the room and you can affect the balance of energies by ensuring the tables, chairs and filing systems are laid out properly on a spiritual basis. There are do’s and don’ts for office fengshui; such as not sitting in front of the door, keep the back to the wall, and try to arrange your workspace so that you do not look straight out into a corridor or see the stairs. Get a best l shaped computer desk for your office from here.

Staff numbers

Depending on the number of employees you have, this will affect how you plan the office layout. The key is to give each person enough breathing space so they don’t feel claustrophobic but also to fit your entire workforce in as well as have space to grow and take on more staff. Surveys have proven that staff work better when in groups so they can socially interact, so why not plan the layout so each person has colleagues within distance to improve team relations.


Is the office designed in a way so everything is methodical and thought out? When a client walks in they should first come across a reception, not have to walk to the other side of the room to be greeted. Are all services collective or are they spaced out? A top tip is to put all individual areas of the business together so people are not wandering to other sides of the room.


The most important advice is to keep the space flexible. The office needs to be able to adapt and grow because businesses are constantly evolving and changing. It would be a shame that as business starts pouring in and you have the capacity to take on more staff that you need to turn it down because the layout of the office means you are unable to get extra help.

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