Fed up with searching and paying for childcare in your local area?

The Daycare Trust publishes an annual survey into childcare costs, including holiday and after school care. Some of the findings are:

-Average holiday care costs in England are £92 per week, £88 in Wales, and £83 in Scotland.

-Average after school care costs for 15 hours per week are £40 in England, £49 in Scotland, and £41 in Wales.

For full details www.daycaretrust.org.uk

Tips on registering with Letssharecare.com

Looking through the users who have registered on the site. I thought i’d give you some hints and tips, and how to make sure you get the best out of registering and sharing childcare.

1. Please do not use your email address as your username. The email address is only displayed on the site when you have paid your subscription and are undertaking/have completed a CRB check. This protects your security and privacy.

2. Make sure all fields are completed and drop down menu options are selected.

3. Narrative section – this is an opportunity for you to give a bit more information – both about what your looking for, and what you can offer in return. Put yourself in the position of someone reading your profile. You are much more likely to respond to someone who writes as if they are having an informal chat with you about themselves rather than one or two sentences. It feels more personal, and you’re more likely to remember that persons profile. For example:

“Hi, I’m looking for help with my 12 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter during summer hols and half term hols.  Tues and Thur I work 9-4pm but the other days I’m more flexible.  I’ve struggled through previous school hols with my older children looking after the youngsters but it has become too much and need something different.  My kids are both pretty easy going(especially with other kids’ parents!) and have boundless energy! “

Rather than:

“Hi, looking to share holiday care.”

4. Be realistic – Some people who have registered are basically looking for what is almost full time childcare, which is fine but think about what you can offer in return, and be realistic. You may not find an exact match so you will need to compromise or share with more than one family.

5. We do get registrations where parents are looking to nanny share. Either they already have a nanny which they wish to share with another family or they are looking for a nanny who can split her time between two families. We don’t mind if you register, but you may be better off registering with a specialist site such as Nannyshare.co.uk

I hope the above suggestions are helpful, if you have any question please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The Credit Crunch and Childcare

With all the recent bad economic news, we’re all having to think about tightening our belts. To try to make savings where we can, as well as trying to maximise our earnings- often meaning working longer hours.

With many parents now having to work, even more flexibility is required as far as childcare is concerned.

This is where Letssharecare.com makes perfect sense.

-Flexible childcare                                        

-Cheap and affordable

-Parents are CRB checked

-Not only are you a receiver of childcare, you are also a provider, therefore there is a mutually beneficial win/win relationship.

-You can share with many families, for increased flexibility

-You can amend your profile to reflect your changing circumstances and childcare needs.

-First hand feedback is available.

-Raise funds for your school.  Remember part of your subscription is paid to your childrens school- if they are registered with us.

All this for less than £2 per week for 2 children. So what are you waiting for? Register now and get sharing!