About Us

This idea came about when my son was about to start school, and we had to think about how we were going to cope during the many holidays, and after school care. It occurred to me that there must be other parents that have the same problem, and how parents could share the care of their children.

Letssharecare.com is a site which allows parents/guardians to share the care of their children during school vacations, and after school. Its the cheap and affordable alternative to childminders, play schemes and nurseries.

Registration is free and this enables you to search the database for suitable parents to share childcare within your area. If you wish to make contact with a suitable family then you must register in full and become a subscriber, you must also be subject to a Criminal Records Bureau(CRB) check. Details would then be provided, to both parties, and it will be up to you to meet and arrange the details of childcare arrangements.

Please note that at this stage the information provided would be of a general nature, and we recommend both parties fill in the Get2KnowU forms before arranging to meet.